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paulownia wood chamfer stripspaulownia wood chamfer stripspaulownia wood chamfer stripspaulownia wood chamfer stripspaulownia wood chamfer strips

paulownia wood chamfer strips

  • Type:paulownia edge laminated board
  • Place of Origin:
  • Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • size:
  • 3048x19x19mm 2440x19x19mm
  • Usage:construction shape

Product  Description :

Paulownia timber can be used for a wide of variety purposes, housing components,
aircraft,fittings, veneers, furniture, musical instruments, barrels, handcrafts, gift
boxes, storage boxes, charcoal, wood.pulp and coffins.But specially suitable  for
marine crafts, boats, kayaks and surfboards, due it has a low density giving excellent
buoyancy and resistant to soak up water.

Paulownia  timber is:

1. Featherweight(290-300kg per cubM)
2. Waterproof and bouyant
3. Strong and stable
4. Resistant to rot and termites
5. Does not splinter
6. Easily stained or painted

Why Use Paulownia ?

If you aren’t familiar with paulownia .it’s a very sustainable,fast growing,soft wood .that’s a little heavier than balsa(295kgs/m3) but much strongger .it’s the wood of choice for Alaia’s because once its shaped and doesn’t soak up salt water.we have some of the lightest paulownia around.In fact we’ve see balsa that is heavier than many of these planks.using paulownia on the deck and balsa on the botton it should be easy to build a wood surfboard that is as light as a foam board.

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