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Wood Adhesives fungicides and preservatives

  • Author:Guo
  • Source:Linkage
  • Release on:2015-01-07
Wood Features adhesive material in its production, storage and application process, the wood preservative adhesive must meet the following basic requirements: ① efficient broad-spectrum. Fungicidal effect is obvious, plus less. Lasting effect, the use of Canton; ② compatibility. After adding the other components are not left with adhesive chemical reaction, does not affect the adhesive storage, brigade glue and performance; ③ stability. Non-volatile, non-sublimation, heat, light, chemical resistance, this The body does not change; ④ environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-injurious to health, do not pollute the environment; ⑤ cheap and readily available, easy to use. 

     Wood Adhesives commonly used fungicides and preservatives can be divided into nine categories: ① organic acids and salts thereof, such as benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, propionic acid, calcium propionate, sorbic acid, sodium diacetate, etc; ⑦ isothiazole morpholino ketones, such as BIT, card Song CG, Branch -981; ③ benzo oxazoline ketones, such as EF-O2, preservatives O; ④ phenols, such as sodium pentachlorophenol; ⑤ nano fungicides, such as nano-TiO and Ag; ⑥ nitrite, such as sodium nitrite; ⑦ have Machine acid, succinic acid, such as dilute twelve; ⑧ organic amines. As dicyclohexylamine, triethanolamine; ⑨ BTA, methyl benzotriazole, methyl BTA 5O% sodium and mildew treasure FMB