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Common Uses of Paulownia Wood

Although with the rise in the use of Paulownia wood, many people do not aware of its uses. In China of its native country, it has been used for a variety of projects for centuries. Here are some of the common uses of the Paulownia wood:

One of the most common uses of paulownia wood in China and Japan was the making of furniture. It's silky luster and light weight make it a great wood for making chests, dressers, and sofa sets etc.

Paulownia wood has usually been used widely in the manufacturer of instruments. It is especially popular in China and Japan for making soundboard of stringed instruments. It is now being used to make the body of low cost electric guitars in the United States.

Those are big fans of Paulownia wood who do wood carving. It is pliable and easy to work with. When nails or screws are drive into it, it has little or no knots and does not split. Therefore, it has all the qualities that artists and wood carvers look for in their wood.

Nowadays, surfboards made from Paulownia wood in coastal regions have become a huge hit. Its tendency to be wrap-resistant and light weight makes for ideal surfboard material. Surfboards made from Paulownia wood unlike Balsa it's do not have to be glassed.