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Chlorine-free bleached wheat straw pulp and new technologies

  • Author:Guo
  • Source:Network
  • Release on:2015-01-09


Alkali, chlorine-free, no liquor, no pollution law it is the use of paper pulp combined biochemical pulping new technology. At a certain temperature, the combined use of biochemical pulping in 45- minute softened → bleached wheat straw into → to one-time into a pulp, pulp brightness greater than 75 degrees, the slurry was high, folding and strong. The cost of new pulping process is much lower than the cost of traditional chemical pulping, the physical indicators can meet or exceed the steam ball pulp, pulp and new times Low investment process does not require expensive chemical pulping equipment investment, simply choose the open flat land to build garden-type cement pond plant brick + concrete structures can be put into production operations.

Currently the world are using the chemical pulping and paper. Chemical pulping wastewater discharge contains large amounts of COD, BOD, SS and other harmful substances. While engaged in the study of the past century sewage management system, but can not achieve the "0" pollution.

Biochemical binding assay is biodegradable pulp-based, with a combination of synthetic chemical additives technology, the true realization no liquor, no pollution, no odor, no suspended solids, water, electricity, coal saving, save raw materials, reduce raw Desire to production costs, production of all recycled water, it completely changed the traditional chemical pulping waste discharge, the production of paper pulp by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of identification, various technical indicators have reached or exceeded The current national standard of similar chemical pulping