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Treatment of sheet metal impregnation technique

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  • Release on:2015-01-12
In Early human use of wood, and found the logs will be buried in the soil surface burning part, and then buried in the soil, logs usage time will be significantly increased. Early use of preservatives, and is applied in the wood by brushing method Quality statues, tombstones, musical instruments up and prolong life. Before the first century AD, the Egyptians use salt as a preservative soaked wood, Chinese people also know that the wood soaked in seawater or salt lakes can use insect repellent preservative. 

     AD 500 years ago, the Greeks will round wooden building drilling, pour the oil into the hole to make it penetrate into the cylindrical timber cells, on the slate dry spare; Romans used alum wooden pyramid, so that it is not within a certain range will burn. 

     After the lapse of time infusion treatment no significant improvement until the pressure impregnation method appears. In 1831, Frenchman Jean Robert Breant The wood preservative injected under pressure, which greatly improves the infusion effects processing materials, wood impregnation method on a landmark deal. 10 Years later, with the gradual resolution of the problem of industrial production equipment, pressure processing method gradually spread open. 

     On the basis of the pressure on the processing method for handling the economy depth, uniformity, preservatives used, it has developed a variety of methods, such as Li Bin empty cell method, full cell method, Lowry empty cell method. Wood Baptist began rapid development of industrialization injection process. 

     Treatment abroad for outdoor wood There are two main methods and atmospheric pressure method. The former has a brushing method, spray method, dipping treatment, cold trough method, double diffusion method stumpage treatment method is mainly used for processing wood quality Do not ask, handling a small amount of processing time is short durable material and other occasions; the latter also known as vacuum - pressure method, used for large timber sizes, require dipping deep pharmaceutical, production capacity and other occasions. Common law is full of pressure cell method, Half-cell method, frequency pressure method, circulation method, even if pressure treatment method, there are also treated wood impregnation agent deep enough, uneven distribution and other pharmaceutical problems, in the process, although the process of vacuum exists, retained in the cell chamber The drug Agent is sucked, but gaps exist in the cell wall, cell gap of Pharmacy (can not take advantage of) is not sucked out of the timber body, resulting in a waste of the agent, the increased cost. In order to improve the permeability of treated wood and penetration depth of the needle To deal with the problems existing in the pressurized timber law in recent years, researchers at home and abroad continue to be explored, put a lot of ways.