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Adhesive characteristics and corrosion mechanism of corrosion

Guo Network 2015-01-13 15:44:55
The largest amount of three-formaldehyde glue containing formaldehyde and other substances because it has strong corrosion resistance, so the corrosion problem is not prominent. 

     However, green environment-friendly natural adhesive polymers such as starch and protein as the main raw material. The nutrient-rich, it is vulnerable to a variety of microorganisms, resulting adhesive spoilage. Especially in protein Based wood adhesives and starch-based wood adhesives worst corrosion resistance, except for some way to get a modified external improvements. Most of the aid is to be effective preservatives added. 

     The difference between wood and wood preservative adhesive polymer-based natural preservative that is relatively poor nutrient timber, the main target for fungal preservative, antiseptic method to block the supply of nutrients and more ways to achieve. Natural polymer-based wood Adhesives and nutritious food, like using blocking method of inhibiting bacteria nutrient supply is not feasible, should be used more disturbance and destruction of microbial cell-associated physiological, biochemical mechanisms and metabolic activities: ① role in Cell wall and membrane systems; ② acting on the genetic material and genetic particle structure; ③ acting on enzymes or functional proteins. 

     Preservatives are essentially cell-associated microbial physiology, biochemical reactions and metabolic activity disruption and destruction, eventually leading to death or reproduction of microorganisms is inhibited. Damage cell structure and affect metabolism and physical activity, The bacteria can not survive and multiply. Ning Zhengxiang and other antibacterial effect when the study. Found mainly preservatives inhibit microbial respiration. Energy substances cause NADH ATP and reducing power deficit, by all anabolic Resistance. Activity of the membrane structure can not be maintained, metabolic direction tends to hydrolysis, and finally producing cells autolysis. The authors also propose a relationship between chemical structure and electronic state of motion preservatives and antimicrobial properties. Has a higher reference price Value