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ACC wood preservative technology formula

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  • Release on:2015-01-14

We have the most professional and abroadCCA,ACQ,ACC,  CHWaitWood preservative fungicideProductionChemical synthesis techniquesAndOptimum ratio of the amount of, At the same timeWe can undertake various(Suspected of national laws and regulations with the exception of contraband)Organics.Chemical composition analysis contains monomer purity inorganics, moisture, density, distillation range, color, pH and other conventional ingredients content analysis and other unknowns

ACCAdvantages of wood preservatives that injection timber, with the evaporation of acetic acid, copper chromate i.e. formation of insoluble copper chromite fixed timber cells, when the microorganism secreted acid degradation enzyme solution timber, copper chromite and becomes dissolved state to play the role of sterilization. The preservatives in non-corrosive, there is a high degree of fixability. Corrosion resistance, except for a few copper-resistant bacteria, the right of all fungi have a preventive effect.ACCThe general use of concentration2%~3%. United StatesAWPAApproved wood preservatives, using more common in North America