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poplar/pine LVLand LVB  plywoodpoplar/pine LVLand LVB  plywoodpoplar/pine LVLand LVB  plywoodpoplar/pine LVLand LVB  plywood

poplar/pine LVLand LVB plywood

  • Product Name: Ordinary Plywood
  • Face&Back Film: Pine,Poplar,Birch, chercy, beech,Bintangor,Okoume,Pencil cedar,PLB, etc.
  • Grade: BB/BB,BB/CC, etc.

Plywood is a manufactured wood panel from the family of manufactured board(such as MDF ,chipboard etc.)
made from thin sheets of wood veneer.Plywood layers(called veneer or plys)are glued together,
with adjacent plies having their wood grain rotated relative to adjacent layers up to 90 degrees

Plywood Types:

LVL(Laminated veneer lumber)is a kind of plywood which is made from Peeling or chipping veneers.
After drying and gluing the veneers,we put all of them or most of them together transversely,
then hot press them.If all of the veneer are put transversely,we call it LVL,but if some of them
are longitudinal,we call it LVB.

Plywood Features:

A)Resists shrinking,warping,splitting and checking;

B)Flat,beautiful,low moisture content, Without moldy effect;

C)High design values for bending, stiffness and shear strength ;

D)Ordinary nail assembly - installs as easily as ordinary lumber;

E)High strength-to-weight ratio - more than 40 stronger than solid sawn products ;

After all the processing for the basic plywood,we will attach veneers on it,but
our veneers are not attached to the plywood directly,we will attach one layer of MDF
on the top and back of the plywood,then attached veneers on them,please check pictures:

MDF ready to be painted by the glue

The MDF boards have been painted well by the glue,the veneers have been put on the back.

Putting the base plywood on the veneer and MDF

After coverd the MDF and poplar veneer,will be cold-pressing firstly

secondly will be hot-pressing




you could see clearly from the pictures that there are two layers of MDF on the two
sides,these two MDF could
perfectly protecting from breaking lines painting lines
 knife lines,keep consistent color when you make the furnitures,
they could solve all
 the problems for you easily.Our MDF is imported from Indonesia,which is good
rubber wood.
our plywood could solve all the problems easily,the surface will look very nice,we also have many
kinds of veneers for your choice,we are looking forward to your inquiry!

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